Dunkin' Tracksuits Sold Out In 19 Minutes After Ben Affleck Super Bowl Ad

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BEN AFFLECK Dunkin' Tracksuit Sold Out In Minutes ... SB Ad Sweetens Deal!!!

2/12/2024 3:13 PM PT

Dunkin' Donuts has clearly found a sweet spot with their Ben Affleck partnership ... 'cause their clothing merch has flown off the shelves following his SB commercial.

As everyone saw Sunday, Ben repped his beloved donut company in their latest Super Bowl ad wearing their outrageously orange signature tracksuits alongside Matt Damon and Tom Brady as they hilariously debuted their band, The DunKings.

As it turns out, the SB spot worked -- because we're told Dunkin' sold out of their new tracksuits in just 19 minutes after going up on sale on their site Monday.

In addition to the DunKings track jacket and track pants, the DunKings bucket hat was also in high demand ... and is currently sold out on their site -- with the sales marking a record-breaking milestone as the fastest collection to sell out in Dunkin' history.

DD says they're currently working on a restock of the sold-out merch ... but for fans of the new boyband, hurry to stores cause The DunKings Iced Coffee, Munchkins Skewers, and more items are available for a limited time.

Evidently, Ben and Dunkin' is a match made in donut heaven ... and no doubt, the Hollywood star is having the last laugh after thousands of memes mocking his unwavering love for the baked good store.

Ben raked in a whopping $10M for last year's commercial with DD, so his paycheck for his 1 minute SB commercial this year would've obviously been one heck of a sweet deal.


BTW, the sold-out effect was happening on the ground as well here in L.A. -- we sent a photog to various Dunkin' Donuts locations ... and the staff told us, they're busy as hell!

Whether it's on their online shop or in the stores themselves -- people seem to be flipping out four Dunkin' all over again.

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Just goes to show ... a funny ad in the right spot (and with the right celebs) can go a long way.

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