Jimmy Kimmel Says He Likely Won't Renew Late Night Show Contract

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Jimmy Kimmel I'm Probs Quitting My Late Night Gig ... But Not For A Couple Years

2/21/2024 8:25 AM PT

Jimmy Kimmel seems to be announcing the end of his long-running late-night show -- but don't worry if you love him on TV ... 'cause it's not exactly going off the air tomorrow.

The comedian/talk show host spoke with the LA Times about his upcoming role as Oscars host next month ... and while discussing that, he touched on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' -- his hit show that's graced ABC for over 20 years.

Kimmel said he's considering what comes next in his career -- and added he thinks, at least right now, his current contract to host the show will be his last. He didn't definitively say he was leaving his late-night seat ... but that's certainly the feeling here.

Jimmy joked he hates to keep saying he's going to retire ... 'cause he keeps on signing up for the next go-around. This time though, he's got more than two years left on his deal -- and Jimmy says that's "enough."


Strike Force Five

This isn't the first time Kimmel's mentioned retirement ... in August on "Strike Force Five" -- the podcast he hosted with several fellow late-night hosts -- Jimmy said he was "intent on retiring" before the writers' strike began, but the time off convinced him to stay on.

On the podcast, Jimmy said whenever he's not working he starts to miss it ... and he reiterated that point to the L.A. Times saying he sees himself pursuing a bunch of hobbies in retirement rather than taking it easy post-'Kimmel Live!'

Looks like Jimmy's got a whole bunch planned for his future without his show ... an easier move for him to make since he claims he's never wanted to be a star. Instead, Kimmel maintains he likes taking part in other people's projects, making hosting ideal for him.

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So enjoy the show while it lasts 'Kimmel' fans ... sounds like it'll come to an end before you know it.

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