Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Celebrate Family Dog for Being in Super Bowl Ad

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Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Celebrate Family Dog's SB Spot ... Roy's on TV, Everyone!!!

2/12/2024 9:11 AM PT

Goldie Hawn's dog is a local celeb in his own star-studded household -- 'cause he showed up in a Super Bowl ad ... something GH and Kate Hudson wanted to highlight online.

Of course, we're talking about Roy ... a golden lab that Goldie herself had been gifted in 2020 -- when he was just a puppy. Now, some 4 years later, the dog's all grown up -- and the Russell/Hawn brood put the pooch to work in one of the bigger commercials Sunday.

Just check out the clip yourself -- despite coming from a family of big-name stars, Roy said "hold my beer" ... flexing his acting chops for a heartwarming Budweiser commercial.

The ad kicks off with a colossal snowstorm delaying a Bud delivery to a remote, beer-deprived pub ... so they resort to old-fashioned methods, transporting the precious cargo via horse and carriage.

Despite feeling disorientated amid the tumultuous weather, a beacon of hope emerges when the pub's loyal dog Roy emerges ... navigating them through the snow to the pub. Eventually, with Roy's help, the beer arrives at the pub, albeit slightly delayed. Teamwork!

Kate shared the IG clip of the family watching Roy's major milestone during an SB watch party Sunday ... everyone proudly showering him with a helluva lot of affection for his achievements.

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A round of a-paws for Roy, please!

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