Paul Walker's Brother Cody Shares What He Would Say to Late Actor 10 Years After His Death

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Paul Walker's Brother Cody Shares What He Would Say to Late Actor 10 Years After His Death

Cody Walker is remembering his late brother, Paul Walker, a decade after his death.

On November 30, 2013, the Fast & Furious star died in a car crash. Paul‘s tragic passing sent shockwaves through Hollywood.

Now 10 years later, Cody is speaking out about his late brother.

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Paul did not realize the impact that he made on those around him,” Cody told People in an interview published on Monday (November 20).

Cody also shared what he wishes he could say to Paul today.

He wrote: “It’s unbelievable that it’s been nearly 10 years, because it doesn’t feel like it. I wish I could tell you how much you’re missed and how much of an impact you made on the lives of not only members of your family, but people around the world.”

“This year we named my third child Paul Barrett Walker. We just held him and looked at him and thought about it. I felt it was right to honor you and the family name.”

“I want you to know that Meadow has grown to be such a beautiful young lady who has grabbed the torch and has done a wonderful job creating her foundation to preserve our oceans in honor of you. She’s pursuing a career [in modeling] that’s extremely difficult, but she’s finding her own way. You’d be so proud of her. You were so proud of her.”

“You did not realize the impact that you made. I meet fans all over the world putting on live car events called FuelFest, and I’ve been told by complete strangers: ‘I was in a very dark place. Because of those movies and your brother’s love for cars and the person he was, it gave me a purpose in my life.’ Your legacy is continuing, and the organization that you created, Reach Out WorldWide, is still helping people all over the world.”

“You’d always say, ‘Be good.’ It just meant be a decent person. You didn’t care if someone was the bellhop or some big CEO or other famous person. You treated everybody the same.”

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