Super Bowl LVIII Draws Insane Rating, 123 Million Viewers, Most Watched Ever!

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Super Bowl LVIII Massive Super Bowl Rating, 123.4 Million Viewers! ... Taylor Swift Effect!!!

2/12/2024 6:55 PM PT

Super Bowl LVIII was the MOST WATCHED Super Bowl in the history of the game ... with an astonishing 123.4 MILLION fans tuning in for football, Taylor Swift, or both!

CBS and the National Football League just touted the ridiculous rating, announcing the Chiefs vs. 49ers game toppled last year's Chiefs vs. Eagles game (115.1 million) as the most viewed of all time.

It wasn't even close ... with 120 million watching on television, and the rest on other platforms. In fact, the network says over 200 million watched at least part of the game.

It's no surprise given Swift's proximity to the game. The Super Bowl, pop star or not, is always the biggest night in American television. Fold in the biggest star on the planet ... perfect ratings storm.

FYI, Super Bowls make up 8 of 10 most-watched TV programs in history.

The ratings were also helped by the superstars playing in the game ... Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Christian McCaffrey, etc. -- and stars are a big factor when it comes to ratings.

Usher also put on an awesome halftime show ... which presumably brought in many viewers.

Swift's effect on the NFL has been sizeable ... as even commissioner Roger Goodell admitted in the days before the game. How big of an impact has she had? T.S. has reportedly garnered the Chiefs and the league with over $330 million in free coverage.

That's manifested in a massive boost to the Chiefs fanbase and a huge rise in popularity for Kelce ... and you can now add the most-watched Super Bowl ever to the list.

History in Sin City!

Usher Full Halftime Show Performance At The Super Bowl #SuperBowl #Usher #UsherBowl

— Miguel Austin (@miguelitopty) February 12, 2024 @miguelitopty
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