#BOSSIPSounds Emerging Florida Female Rapper Gutta Queen Says She Has ‘Nowhere’ To Go But Up

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In #BOSSIPSounds news, an emerging female rapper hailing from Florida is sharing an inspirational message about her storied life that took her from the streets to the stage.


Source: Purposely Public PR

Formerly known as Dhatt Babii, Marilyn “Gutta Queen” Richardson, rose from a challenging upbringing in Fort Lauderdale to a mother, grandmother, and independent artist who wants to share her music with the world.

A press release reports that songs like her recent single “Nowhere”,  her “Suicide Freestyle”, and “Kick Rocks” showcase Gutta Queen’s versatility and artistry, solidifying her as a rising star in the rap game. Not only an artist, Queen prides herself on being a serial entrepreneur who came from street life and transformed herself into the evolving woman she is today. That woman sells lip gloss, releases music, and has a podcast. She’s also nominated for 2024 Female Artist of the Year by ATL! Raps.

“When I say I’m proud of never giving up on my dreams when a lot of you counted me out, look at God and my determination,” she recently said. 

Gutta Queen’s music reflects her “experiences and journey”, adding depth and authenticity to her artistry.

“Her dedication to her craft and ability to overcome obstacles make her a role model for women everywhere,” reads an official release. “Through her music, Marilyn not only entertains but also inspires others to pursue their dreams no matter your age or gender.”

Check out Gutta Queen below.

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