Channing Tatum Makes Rare Comments About Fiancee Zoe Kravitz, Talks Working Together & Compares Her to a Costar

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Channing Tatum shared some very rare comments about his relationship with Zoe Kravitz

The 44-year-old actor has been on the red carpet promoting his new movie Fly Me to the Moon with costar Scarlett Johansson.

However, he spent some time talking about his fiancee and collaborating with her on their forthcoming movie Blink Twice.

He revealed how working together affected their relationship and even compared Zoe to Scarlett, revealing one big thing that they have in common.

Channing even had some relationship advice for any couple in a serious relationship. See what he described as an ultimate test.

Head inside to see what Channing Tatum had to say about Zoe Kravitz…

Speaking to Extra, Channing said working with Zoe on their movie “cemented” them as a couple.

“It just brought us together,” he explained, “Creating and movies in general… we just wake up every day and figure out how to create our life, and when you can create with someone.”

“Our relationship was sort of born inside of the creative process of it in a way,” Channing told E News. “It didn’t feel any different. That was what brought us together and made us really feel like we’re very connected on what we love about life, what we love about just things in general about being alive.”

He continued, saying that their project was “easy.”

The star went as far as to tell People that couples should take on “the hardest possible creative project.”

“This is what I’ll say about creating with someone that you are with or love: I suggest it,” he told the outlet. “If you are thinking about having a kid or if you’re thinking about getting married, go find the hardest possible creative project with your partner.”

While he said that the movie was hard, he added that Zoe made it easier.

“When you can look across the room or the set and know that you have the best person that is next to you trying to solve problems, and you’re really looking to them for answers just as equally as trying to solve them yourself, that is unbelievable,” he gushed.

Channing compared Zoe to Scarlett, noting that they worked together on Rough Night back in 2017. He described the movie as “really underratedly funny” in an interview with ET.

“Like, I don’t think I saw it when it came out and then I went back and saw it later, and the movie’s really funny,” he gushed. “Scarlett‘s very, very funny. Weirdly, they’re both very funny, but don’t get the credit for being funny.”

He continued, saying, “Zoë and Scarlett, because they’re so beautiful, people just go, ‘We’re gonna hire you for that.’ Or, ‘We’re gonna look at you as that and you’re not allowed to be anything else.’”

The actor praised his fiancee as being “one of the funniest people I know.”

Speaking of comedy, Channing recently addressed the future of one of his most popular franchises.

Fly Me to the Moon arrives in theaters on July 12. Check out the trailer!

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