Joe Jonas Announces New Solo Single 'Work It Out,' Teases More Music Coming Soon!

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Joe Jonas Announces New Solo Single 'Work It Out,' Teases More Music Coming Soon!

Joe Jonas is getting ready to release his first solo music in over a decade!

On Wednesday (July 10), the 34-year-old singer announced that he will be releasing his new solo song titled “Work It Out” next week on Friday, July 19.

“I’m both excited and emotional as I’m gearing up to release new music,” Joe wrote on Instagram. “I’m humbled and grateful to collaborate with some of my favorite musicians and creators. I hope you find as much happiness & peace as I do when you listen to these songs.”

While appearing on Jake Shane‘s podcast Therapuss, Joe shared some more details about the new music he’s been working on.

Keep reading to find out more…“I wrote this song with this amazing writer named Blush and Jason Evigan who pretty much worked on 90% of the music that you listen to and we wrote it really quickly but the idea is pretty much just sometimes you realize that you just have to shake yourself out of something and you’re the only person whose going to fix it for yourself, no one is going to come save you,” Joe shared.

“But It’s also emotional lyrics with fun music,” Joe continued. “I think we are probably going to release a few more songs before the album comes out.”

Joe also said that his new solo album will be out later this year, teasing that it will feature “music that’s all over the place.”

“There’s some real beautiful ballads, there’s songs about being a dad, there’s songs about love, there’s songs about being better to yourself, kinda everything,” Joe shared.

It’s been more than a decade since Joe last released solo music. When Jonas Brothers went on hiatus, Joe released his first solo song “See No More” back in June 2011. Months later in October, Joe released his debut solo single Fastlife.

In a recent interview, Joe‘s estranged wife Sophie Turner shared some very rare comments about their divorce and revealed where they stand today.

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