Kroy Biermann Reveals Kim Zolciak Spending As She Avoids Disclosing Finances

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KROY BIERMANN Kim Dodging Financial Disclosure ... But Here's What I’ve Seen Her Spend!!!

Kroy Biermann's divorce drama with Kim Zolciak is hitting a new rough patch -- he claims she's dragging her feet on handing over important financial docs, so now he's simply exposing her alleged spending himself.

TMZ has obtained Kroy's response to Kim's motion to compel handing over her financial docs, and he's suggesting her excuses -- about protecting the kids' privacy and fears he's leaking confidential info to the media -- are just smokescreens to keep her spending habits under wraps.

In Kroy's docs, he's attached a spreadsheet of those spending habits during their marriage -- and he claims she dropped more than $600K from 2016 to 2023 ... mostly on swanky gear from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Chanel, Versace, and Agent Provocateur.

Kroy's also alleging Kim went big on the lottery and bitcoin, dropping a hefty $161,912.87 in 2021 and another $65,966.95 in 2022.

He's making it crystal clear: Kim's unapologetic spending habits are a major factor in their divorce saga -- and he's calling BS on her requests for privacy by highlighting her social media updates about everything from vaginal rejuvenation to recent Botox injections.

Despite his claims Kim's lavishly spending on pricey procedures, he says she does the exact opposite when it comes to footing household bills. Kroy's also alleging she's stashing cash in her own separate bank account.

It's no secret Kim and Kroy's financial woes have been making headlines. From the IRS to a slew of debt collectors, everyone's knocking on their door demanding what they say is owed.

To add insult to injury, Kim and Kroy are stuck in a housing headache as they struggle to sell their property.

With the price slashed twice already, plummeting from the initial $6 million listing to $4.5 million, it seems like they're eager to offload the burden.

Needless to say, the soon-to-be exes have been at it with their on-and-off fighting, where things reached a boiling point with a major blowout back in November.

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