Mark-Paul Gosselaar Has Regrets About Troublesome 'Saved By The Bell' Episodes: 'It's A Tightrope Walk'

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 'It's A Tightrope Walk'

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is opening up about the Saved By The Bell episodes that would not fly today.

During his guest appearance on Pod Meets World, the now 49-year-old actor admitted that there were certain episodes and storylines that were very dated, and opened up about one in particular.

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Mark-Paul, who played the popular Zack Morris who broke the fourth wall with audiences, recalled the one episode where Lark Voorhies‘ Lisa was “whored out”.

“There was one where I was basically whoring out Lisa Turtle,” he said, pointing out the second episode of the series. “I charged people to kiss her without her consent. That was a tough one.”

Mark-Paul spoke about that particular episode on his podcast, called Zack To The Future, which was put on indefinite hiatus.

“I feel a little conflicted by this particular episode. It wasn’t as carefree and innocent as the last episode, but maybe it’s because I’m watching it through these eyes and not the eyes of a 13-year-old or the audience that watched it back in the ’90s,” he recalled.

He also spoke about other episodes that had a fine line attached to them – including one where Zack claimed to be Native American for a school project.

“Seeing Zack Morris in a full headdress, that was one we had to be a little sensitive on,” he said on Pod Meets World. “There’s things that you just would not film nowadays.”

“There are things in every single episode that we could pick out. At that point, you try not to be negative. It’s a watch party… It’s a tightrope walk,” he added. “Overall, you try to be positive about the work and say, ‘That was a different time.’”

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