Snake Expert Gives Horrifying Detail of Python Eating Woman

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Animal Planet Snake Expert Python Victim Didn't Suffer ... Details of Death Still Horrifying!!!

The shocking video aftermath of an Indonesian woman's death by python is creating more questions -- but a renowned snake expert knows what most likely happened, and it's the stuff of nightmares!

Here's the deal ... a massive 20-foot-long snake devoured a mother of 4 while she was walking through the forest to get to a market. As we reported, locals -- including the victim's husband -- later found the serpent, killed it and recovered her body.

Now, Mark O’Shea, host of the old Animal Planet series "O'Shea's Big Adventure," tells TMZ -- in disturbing, yet fascinating detail -- what most likely occurred when the reticulated python attacked.

Mark is confident the snake ambushed the victim near a game trail ... and immediately started coiling around her with its gigantic, powerful body.

He says she would've lost consciousness likely within seconds, certainly no longer than a minute ... which is a good thing, because as the python constricted, blood was pushed to the top and bottom of her body -- which resulted in a heart attack.

As with any meal, the snake started ingesting the woman by the head, so her limbs could go down smoothly.

While the death is a sad situation, Mark says fake social media clips of snakes eating people are far more common than real incidents. He says it's rare because snakes don't purposely hunt humans -- they just hunt when hungry -- so, it's a matter of being in the wrong place at a very wrong time.

MO also says snake meat is hugely popular in certain parts of Asia, such as Borneo, where about 500,000 pythons are eaten annually. That means people dine on snakes far more than the other way around.

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