The Good Doctor's Final Season Delivers Shocking Death - Find Out Who & What Happened

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The Good Doctor's Final Season Delivers Shocking Death - Find Out Who & What Happened

There was a very surprising death in the latest episode of The Good Doctor!

In Tuesday night’s (April 2) episode, titled, “Who at Peace,” Asher’s views on the construct of marriage complicate his future with Jerome. Meanwhile, Asher also briefly revisits his religious past to aid a patient’s conversion to Judaism for his fiancée.

Prior to the episode airing, ABC promised that this week’s ep would be a “must-see” hour of television and there was a “heart-stopping moment,” and that was definitely the case!

Find out who died inside and what happened to them…

Dr Asher Wolke dies in The Good Doctor

At the end of the episode, Noah Galvin‘s Dr Asher Wolke, who joined in season four, was beaten to death in an antisemitic attack.

His boyfriend Jerome was waiting at a restaurant nearby ready to propose on their two-year anniversary.

In the episode, Asher reconnected to his Jewish roots and helped a patient with a wedding. After driving the Rabbi back home, there were a couple of guys that had vandalized the synagogue.

Asher told them to leave and there would be no problems, but he said he was going to call the cops.

As the guys went to walk away and Asher continued on, they snuck up on him and delivered a fatal hit to the head. The Rabbi found him, but he was already gone by then.

At the end of the episode, there was a screen that read, “If you or anyone you know has experienced antisemitism, racism, anti-LGBTQ+ related incidents or hate crimes, or if you want to learn more about what you can do to stop hate, please visit”

Earlier in the day, Noah shared photos from the episode on his Instagram and teased, “V special goody d tonight!!!! @thegooddoctorabc @sptv @abcnetwork”

This is the final season of The Good Doctor, and there are now only five more episodes left.

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